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2-Pack Sensory Chewable Necklace

2-Pack Sensory Chewable Necklace

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Sensory Chewing Necklace. Use as a baby teether and for bigger kids with sensory needs. My 8-year-old LOVES to chew on this all day! Sensory processing disorder can affect all senses, if you see your child constantly trying to chew on everything, then this necklace is for them!! Also good for teens and adults with sensory sensitives that often come with ADD and Autism. 

Sold as a 2-pack, colors are random.


  • Soft enough for teething needs
  • Food grade Silicone
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Helps the ability to focus.

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    Our carefully curated assortment of products are all designed to be sensory friendly and assist in sensory regulating. Among our beloved offerings, we present our sensory socks collection! These socks are crafted with soft, breathable materials that ensure maximum comfort without causing any irritation. The seamless design eliminates any potential discomfort from rubbing or chafing, making them perfect for those with sensory sensitivities such as autism, ADHD, or other sensory processing disorders. Additionally, they are available in various colors and designs, allowing everyone to express their personal style while enjoying unparalleled comfort..


    I always try before I buy. All products, including our sensory-friendly socks, have been tested by my own children and are approved for amazing play and sensory regulation! These socks, chewables, and fidgets, provide a gentle sensation that helps in maintaining comfort and focus throughout the day.


    Help fight sensory meltdowns by using our fidget toys throughout the day. Also, our sensory socks play a critical role in creating a soothing experience for the skin, contributing significantly to stress relief by minimizing physical discomfort.


    Help with focus-related issues common for those with sensory processing disorder and ADHD. Great discreet items to bring to school! Our sensory socks, with their snug yet comfortable fit, can also aid in enhancing concentration by ensuring physical comfort, which is often a distraction for many with sensory sensitivities.

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