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This Clothing Line Was Born Out of Pure Frustration

I have wanted to be a fashion designer since I was a teenager growing up in Japan and seeing all the crazy fashion on the streets of Yokohama. And I’ve known I wanted to be a mom — forever, I think?

My journey to Parker and Talia has been a long and winding one. After several years of being in the fashion industry, I began to find less meaning in the industry. My fiance would tell me things like “you’re designing clothes that make people happy, that’s not nothing!” But it wasn’t enough for me. I tried volunteering for a while, and then I had kids and had no time for anything else.

Along with my kids, came the biggest jump in my journey — specifically where clothing is concerned. My clothing line came from being a mother, and Parker and Talia is named after my children. I’ve found a way to create clothing that has meaning beyond making people happy (though I hope it does that too!), and I’m glad to have this space to share my story and my clothes with a larger community. 

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The Parker & Talia Commitment

Our Commitment to Mental Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our family was struggling, like many families. We were searching for help for our son, who began showing symptoms of mental illness at a young age. It was the hardest time of all of our lives for many different reasons. To put it simply, there is a mental health crisis in our country, and it can be extremely hard to find care, even when your child is suffering. For me, the experience ultimately made me want to help other families that have gone, or may in the future go, through similar experiences.

This desire to make a difference in the area of mental health care was always the ultimate reason I wanted to start a company, so I would be able to help in a much bigger way than simply fashion. I want to use my skills to work towards solving the mental healthcare crisis we have today. 

Part of this clothing launch includes the “Parker Collection.” This collection features artwork made by my son, and a portion of the proceeds go toward organizations working to provide mental healthcare for children.

Clothing for People With Sensory Processing Issues

After fighting with my kids for years in the morning getting dressed — and buying sooo many clothes that they would then refuse to wear — I decided this was one problem I could help with. Life is stressful enough, and if I don’t have to fight with my kids in the morning to get their socks on, that will make life that much easier. 

In order to make the lives of parents and children easier, I have developed a clothing line for babies, toddlers, and big kids. This line is designed for all, but is very conscious of sensory issues many children face, particularly children with sensory processing disorders.

At Parker and Talia, LESS is more. All of our clothes are tag-less, seam-less, and gender-less. My son loves the color purple, and my daughter loves the color blue, there is no reason why colors need to be gender specific. Not only that, while I personally love all the muted colored clothing of many gender-neutral clothes, my kids HATE them. They want bright and fun clothes — so that’s what I’ve made! 

One thing I loved as a child was my mother would always let me pick out my own clothes. I cringe at a lot of pictures from my childhood, but in that same vein — if my kids want bright colors, I am going to give them bright colors.

This kickstarted the launch of my first collection from this brand: which is the KALEIDESCOPE Collection. It is sensory-friendly, bright, fun, everyday clothing your kids will want to wear constantly (mine definitely do!). If you’ve been struggling to find clothing for kids with sensory processing disorders, this line is for you.

Our Signature, Sensory-Friendly Fabric

And with our signature bamboo fabric, they can! All of our fabrics are bamboo-based — which is great for people with sensory processing issues! Bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial (which means it needs to be washed less), UV ray protectant, hypo-allergenic (great for new baby skin), temperature controlling (keeps you cool when it’s hot out, warm when it’s cold), is SUPER SOFT, and one of the most eco-friendly fabrics that can be used. There is a separate video explaining in more detail about the benefits of the fabric but trust me — you will never want to buy non-bamboo again after having these clothes!

Learn more about our fabric and the benefits it has for people with sensory disorders, and if you have any questions, get in touch!