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Clothing Where Less Is More

At Parker and Talia, we understand the importance of providing clothing for children who have sensory challenges. Our goal is to provide high-quality and stylish clothing that is sensory-friendly, comfortable, and designed to meet the specific needs of children. We have been dedicated to discovering an underserved area of the fashion industry and are determined to fix it with our collection of sensory-friendly fabric.

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Parker & Talia is pleased to announce the launch of their new clothing line, which has been specifically designed for infants , toddlers , and kids with sensory challenges.

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The Fabric

Creating clothing for children with sensory processing disorders can be challenging. We found that combining bamboo and cotton created a fabric which made children more comfortable and irritated their skin less. 

The fabric is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton which gives it a soft yet durable feel. We chose to use bamboo in our clothing because of its sustainability and breathability. Cotton is a reliable and classic material. Together, we have created a comfortable and long-lasting sensory-friendly clothing line.

About Our Fabric
  • Baby Shop

    We created Baby Shop; a clothing line that is good for babies' skin, brains, and environment! Bright colors send the strongest signals to a baby's brain to help stimulate brain growth and aid in visual development.  Our signature bamboo-based fabric is perfect for babies' new skin. It is antibacterial, UV ray protectant, temperature regulating to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and hypo-allergenic which is great for parents who are concerned about their baby’s sensitive skin.

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  • Littles Shop

    The Littles Shop is a line of children’s clothing designed for kids with sensory challenges. It is made from bamboo jersey fabric, which is more sustainable and eco-friendly than any other kind of fabric you can find in stores today. The clothes are comfortable and hypoallergenic; they wick moisture away to keep your child cool even on the hottest days, and they also help with temperature regulation. The clothes are gender-neutral, tag-less, and have no exposed seams.

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  • The Parker Collection

    This collection was created because of the eye-opening state that Covid-19 left us all in. We saw a lack of mental health resources for children during this time and through anger and frustration this collection was born. Our clothes will feature artwork from Parker and a portion of proceeds will go towards the mental health crisis in our country. At Parker and Talia, we want to help everyone get access to the healthcare they need.

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Why Shop With Us

As a parent, it’s challenging to find clothing that can accommodate the sensory needs of your child. Fortunately, Parker and Talia has created a collection of sensory clothing specifically designed with your child in mind. Our clothing is comfortable and gentle on the skin, and the non-restrictive design can help reduce irritation. The seamless construction also limits the risk of sensory overload, allowing your child to be more comfortable in social situations. Our collection is sure to benefit any child and provide the comfort they need.