Parker and Talia was founded with a mission to provide sensory friendly clothing for sensory-sensitive children living with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD and more. The company was created out of the need to make clothing that has more meaning and functionality than what is generally available. The brand is dedicated to creating quality clothing that is comfortable, stylish , and sensory-friendly. Parker and Talia are proud to be the go-to source for clothing that meets the needs of children with sensory-related challenges.

Our clothing and community are more than just creating clothes for children; it's about discovering an underdeveloped area of the fashion industry that was long overdue for attention. Our sensory clothing for kids is designed to provide your child with the comfort and ease of movement they need, while also allowing them to look stylish. Check out The Baby Shop and The Littles Shop today to find the perfect outfit for your child!

What makes Parker and Talia clothing different?

Our tagless, exposed seamless clothes and socks are designed with comfort in mind. We make sure that all seams are covered so that they don't cause any irritation, and we make sure that everything we design is mindful of sensory needs. With our collection, you can keep your feet comfortable all day long.

  • Bamboo based fabrics are eco-friendly, antibacterial, protect against UV rays, offer temperature control, are wrinkle free, and are great for children with skin problems. The eco-friendly material is super soft, hypoallergenic, wicks moisture, and helps with temperature regulation. 

What are the care instructions?

Our Bamboo infant clothing is so low-maintenance! Just pop it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with cold water and dry it on very low heat. Of course, avoid washing with bleach and never add fabric softener to the water when washing your Bamboo clothes! Keeping your Bamboo garments looking as good as new has never been so easy.