The Parker Collection

During the pandemic, our family went through an eye-opening experience — we became aware of the serious lack of mental healthcare services for children. Over the summer of 2022, we were able to get the help we needed for our child after spending more than a year on a waiting list. This long wait for essential healthcare services is simply not acceptable. That’s why the team here at Parker & Talia strives to do everything we can to lessen the burden families in our community face. The Parker Collection features artwork made by the son of our founder and is specially designed to be sensory-friendly clothing. A portion of proceeds from this shop gives back to organizations providing pediatric mental healthcare to those in need. Shop The Parker Collection and learn more about Parker & Talia!

The Parker Collection

Striving To Make a Difference for Families

The Parker Collection is near and dear to our hearts, not only because the clothes are specially made for children with a sensory processing disorder, but also because a portion of the proceeds from the clothing in this collection will be donated towards organizations working towards solving the mental healthcare crisis our country is facing. Our goal is to support anyone and everyone we can in our community and to bring accessible and affordable healthcare to all!

About Our Sensory-Friendly Clothing

The clothing featured in The Parker Collection is made with bamboo-based jersey fabric. Bamboo fabric is not only a sustainable and eco-friendly material, but it’s also incredibly soft to the touch. This quality makes it ideal for children with sensory processing disorders! You’ll find that our clothing is also hypoallergenic, which is perfect for kiddos with sensitive skin and allergies. Bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking and helps with temperature regulation, which allows your child to dress comfortably year-round. With no exposed seams, no tags, and a gender-neutral look, our hope is that your child will love wearing our sensory-friendly clothing!